Project overview:
Time tracking and project management tool with AIR widget


  • Client
    MAX Marketing & Communicatie
  • Date
  • Type
    Adobe AIR
  • Services
    Webdesign, development, AIR application, integration with external software
  • Tags
    Webdesign, frontend, backend, integration, Adobe AIR, project management, hour registration, expense management

MAX Marketing didn't have any time tracking software in place yet for their projects. Everyone had to track their time and fill in a physical worksheet which afterwards had to be manually processed. After discussing their needs I developed a time tracking and project management tool for them, a internal website and accompanying Adobe AIR tool for the employees to quickly track and book their time spent on projects. The feature-set includes:

  • Stopwatch to track time spent on a project
  • Autosuggest for booking the time on a client and project
  • Ability to specify the type of work done (different prices)
  • When extra expenses have been made, those can be added as well
  • Calendar functionality for events and kickoffs/meetings
  • Administration interfce to edit clients, projects, users, permissions, export data to CSV, access reports, set-up hosting reminders etc.
  • Personal homescreen indicating projects worked on today, appointments, vacation days available, todo list and shopping list
  • Automated backups of the database
  • Project related files can be stored on the webapplication
  • Adobe AIR widget which autostarts and automatically logs in


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