Project overview:
Rock Paper Scissors Tactics


  • Client
    Fontys University of Applied Sciences
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  • Services
    Design, front-end, back-end, 3D
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    Design, front-end, back-end, 3D animations, user interface, Facebook app, C#

This is one of the games I built together with 3 other students for gamedesign and uses the Facebook API to add multiplayer capabilities. It's a spinoff of a old game which you probably already guesed, rock paper scissors. The goal is to come up with various tactics to outsmart and reach the starting tile of your opponent. Each player gets a certain amount of units which can be each given a route on the playing field by turning the arrows (see screenshot 3). When both players have submitted the routes, the result will shown turn by turn to both players. When 2 units are opposite of eachother, the classic rock, paper, scissors rules are used to determine which unit will be destroyed and clear the path for the winning unit.

The game is built in C# using Unity 3D as engine.


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