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    Design, front-end, back-end, user interface, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, video

RecordingBox is a device which records presentations and synchronizes the slides while the presentation progresses. RecordingPlayer originally is a iPad application which can be used to playback all recorded (and submitted) presentations which will be mainly used by students. The player also enables users to add notes with extra explanation or as a reminder to ask for some extra feedback.

The problem with the app however is that it only runs on a iPad. Smartphone and Android users won't be able to use it. To remedy this, I've created a HTML5 version of the original app with a new design and extra features. The HTML5 version works on desktop computers as well as iOS and Android tablets. Due to the way iPhones handle video (automatically displays fullscreen, the interface can't be used in this case), support for smartphones hasn't been implemented yet. The performance of the HTML5 version is many times faster than the native version.

Features include the ability to add 3 types of notes (errors, questions, standard notes), ability to preview the slides by dragging/hovering, saving favourite presentations, see which presentations have notes and and search/filter capabilities (lectures or assessments; filter by institute, study, class and subject).

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