Project overview:
Martijn Wijkmans Fotografie


  • Client
    Martijn Wijkmans Fotografie
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  • Services
    Design, front-end, back-end
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    Design, front-end, back-end, completely customizable, custom colors, CMS

Martijn Wijkmans Fotografie was in need of a new professional looking website which displays his imagery without much distracting elements on the page. Another requirement was that the website should be completely customizable, including all graphical elements.

To accomplish this, the only elements initially on the page are the logo, navigation bar, back/forward buttons and collapsed description/title. The content pages open in small draggable and scrollable windows and, when the use has selected a gallery in the portfolio submenu, a list of scrolling thumbnails fades in and out depending on the cursor position. Images open fullscreen, filling the entire window or can be zoomed out to fit the entire image in the window.

The last screenshot also shows the custom CMS for this site with some extra options. These allow all colors, fonts and images to be changed in one page. The old images are then overwritten by the new ones.

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