Project overview:
Netvlies Mediamanagement Tool


  • Client
    Netvlies Internetdiensten
  • Date
  • Type
    Adobe AIR
  • Services
    Design, front-end, back-end
  • Tags
    Design, front-end, back-end, media management, AIR, cross-platform

Netvlies Internetdiensten wanted a way to easily manage, edit and upload media images for their clients which used Netvlies' custom CMS to login. The result of this was a Adobe AIR application built in Flex which can easily be installed by visiting a webpage and clicking on a install-badge.

After installation, the application starts and the user will be asked for a username and password which are the same as their regular CMS login credentials. The user will then be presented with a overview of all media items present in their media library. Each media has a variety of possible actions, such as:

  • Tagging the item to easily find it
  • Download
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Crop
  • Delete
  • View and edit all previously created variants of this media item

Together with the clear interface and drag & drop upload functionality, it makes the application easy to use.


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