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Analysis tool for information needs


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    Netvlies Internetdiensten
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    Interface design, front-end, back-end
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    Interface, responsive, dataflow, user testing, Android, iOS, mobile, front-end, back-end, responsive, analysis, information needs

After researching what kind of problems users encountered with their current intranets and other internally used software, it turned out they have a wide variety of problems. One of the biggest problems were that the employees couldn't find the right information they were looking for on the intranet, resulting in loss of productivity. Another common problem was the fact that the user interface was too confusing.

To help track these problems down, I developed a tool which analyses current employee workflows to uncover which areas need improvement. For example: An employee can't find any up-to-date contact information of a client in system x. After analysing the systems, it turns out the actual up-to-date information resides in system y. This is something which could be improved, such as keeping the data in system x up to date or giving the employee access to system y and removing the old data.

The goal of the tool is to provide in the information needs of employees and boosting productivity. The tool can be used on the desktop, tablet and even on a phone.

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